During the second day of the 19th annual Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) conference on the topic “Is the world really burning out?” the Deans, Rectors, Professors, Teachers, Trainers, Consultants and other academic professionals from 24 countries were providing their insights and experiences!

The Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA) Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, who is also the President of BMDA, shared his experience on how to create a safe environment to avoid burnouts and stress in academic institutions. In his speech Dr. V. Kundrotas reminded Dr. I. Adizes words from the 1st conference day, that INTEGRATION is the main tool to manage the huge change, we all are facing today.  As Adizes methodology says - the change causes disintegration, but the change will not stop, so the only way to avoid disintegration is to manage change, strengthen mutual trust and respect and create integrated environment. 

During the day, internationally well-known speakers shared very interesting research findings, consulting and studying experiences how to feel healthy, safe and more motivated to teach and to learn in academic institutions, assuring better integration.

During the conference, attendees were also exposed to the special exercise for cleaning their minds and relax the body, performed by Vasco Gaspar from Portugal.

The conference was closed with summarized positive, high motivational attitude towards the changes and with techniques dealing with burnouts!

Adizes Graduate School

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