On May 24th, 2022  72 academic representatives from 21 country attended the webinar, designed specifically for the Universities and Business Schools professors and faculty members, who are interested to deepen their knowledge and experiences in Change management.

This webinar was conducted by the World famous change management expert and founder of Adizes Organizational Transformation methodology, Dr. Ichak Adizes  (CALIFORNIA, USA).

“Universities tend to become museums teaching about what happened” – said Dr. Ichak Adizes and motivated academics to learn more about Adizes Change management philosophy and spread this knowledge to their students, in order to better prepare them for the future challenges.

At the end of the webinar the Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), Dr. V. Kundrotas explained the initiative of AGS (Adizes Graduate school) to launch faculty on-line chat- Faculty forum, where academics from all around the world could discuss and share their experiences how to teach Change management and be able to ask the questions of Dr. I. Adizes and other faculty members of AGS.

Next webinar about different aspects of teaching Change management is planed for the June 21st, 2022.

Join the Adizes Faculty Discussion Forum by sending an email to: it@adizes.com

Adizes Graduate School

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