On the 22nd of May, Dean of Adizes Graduate School Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, conducted on-line trainings for a group of business owners and TOP managers from various organizations in Ukraine.

During interactive trainings  Dr. V. Kundrotas presented the main principles of Adizes organizational transformation methodology and shared the basic techniques which enable rebuild positive and healthy organizational culture and ensure effective achievement of organizational goals.

Business owners and TOP managers were introduced how to understand and recognize different Management styles within organization and how to communicate with each of them so that employees would hear, understand and would not ignore you.

Participants were also introduced to the Organizational lifecycle stages and presented of traditional and non-traditional difficulties and challenges that organizations face at each of these stages. Dean of Adizes Graduate School Dr. V. Kundrotas shared the innovative solutions that could help to be more ready when facing these challenges.

Adizes Organizational Transformation methodology is successfully used in different countries, different cultures and very different organizations – this explains how much flexible this methodology is and how perfect it meets different needs of every organization.

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