Second webinar „Applying the DNA to leadership styles” for the Universities and Business Schools professors and faculty members was held on 29th of June and was conducted by the World famous change management expert and founder of Adizes Organizational Transformation methodology, Dr. Ichak Adizes  (CALIFORNIA, USA).

Over 20 faculty members of Universities and Business Schools from 13 Countries attended webinar and got insights about how important is to teach not only how to make decisions in the right way, but also how to implement them efficiently, how essential is internal integration in organization based on mutual trust and respect.

At the end Dr. Ichak Adizes answered the questions of the participants.

Finalizing the event the Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA), Dr. V. Kundrotas reminded the participants about the opportunity for faculty members to continue discussions and learning the methodology on AGS online platform.

Adizes Graduate School

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