International Collaborative Leadership Program

In Eastern and Central Europe COVID-19 pandemic took its economic and human tall. Businesses are suffering from economic implications. Moreover, they are suffering frommental and emotional problems caused by lockdowns, uncertainty and unclear outlook. Business leaders running businesses, operating in fast-changing environments, and incharge of numerous people are prone to burnouts. 

BMDA following its mission to induce quality of management development andresponding to one of the most pending demand from its community offers itsInternational Collaborative Leadership Program. 

This innovative program is aimed at the development of the leaders as the most valuableand sought-after resource in our disrupted environment. It is very scarce becauseleadership is often perceived as a natural quality. However, even born leaders needs to benurtured and polished. Moreover, testing all the concepts, methods, and tools is an

integral part of developing and improving leaders.

Concept of the Program

This innovative International Collaborative Leadership Program is aimed to enrich theleadership experiences and critical leadership skills in untraditional way, based on Adizescollaborative leadership and sustainable change management methodology(organizational roles, leadership styles, teamwork, decision making & implementation aswell as Organizational lifecycles). 

The program is based on learning by doing principle when the systemic concepts, analyzed and mastered in the classroom is put in practice in the unusual environment, such as yachting. Such approach allows the participants get acquainted with the latest systemic theory of leadership, and immediately practice it at the yachting. Yachting isselected because it allow immediate testing all leadership concepts, requires strongteamwork skills and ability to combine leaders’ and followers’ roles.