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Adizes Graduate School

Our mission

Adizes Graduate School (AGS) is an international education center with the purpose to teach, train and certify individuals- leaders of change, in Adizes methodology.

In addition, AGS will support the educational and research activities at the Universities and Business Schools globally, promoting the Adizes Theory of Managing Change and it’s Professional practice for Organizational Therapy.

Adizes Methodology
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Our Programs

AGS is offering variety of educational and training programs first of all at Executive level, but also at undergraduate and Graduate level.
The programs varies from 2-6 days seminars to complete MBA and EMBA programs.

AGS also offers the Prepared on-line learning programs through our partners at Adizes Institute Leadership, Training and Development(LTD).

All Adizes programs are mainly designed for:

  • Participants of Executive MBA program;
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their new businesses or to break free of the trap of being the sole decision maker;
  • CEOs and managers in established organizations, who seek answers how to lead their companies more effectively and efficiently;
  • Organizational consultants, life coaches and agents of change working to help clients grow and develop;
  • Individuals new to the methodology as well as those with significant prior exposure will equally profit from this high level, wide-ranging perspective of the Adizes Methodology™.
Graduate School


Adizes Graduate school is cooperating with various Universities and Business Schools around the World in the form of joint programs, training seminars, faculty development and training as well as research activitiesSee more detailed list of partner institutions attached.

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Dr. Adizes has made a life of teaching his methodology to others, Adizes Books is the perfect place to learn.

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As an organization grows, it will undergo very predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour. At each new stage of development, you are faced with a new set of unique challenges. Your ability to identify and address these challenges quickly and effectively is a strong predictor of your future success.


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In identical circumstances, each one of us will see a situation differently. We think and respond differently. By understanding your own and your colleague’s management styles, you will be better equipped to work more effectively in a team environment. Take the Management Style Indicator test and learn how to work together more effectively.