Eduniversal 3D World Convention was held in the 17 – 19th of November on the topic “Globalization and higher education: changing trends and impacts for tomorrow”. 

Eduniversal is a ranking of business schools and universities in over 150 countries agency.

Deans, Professors and other academical professionals from world well-known academic institutions attended this online event and shared their insights and best education practices.

The Dean of Adizes Graduate School (AGS) Dr. V. Kundrotas, who is also the member of International Scientific Committee for Eastern Europe, opened the second day of this World Convention.

Dr. V. Kundrotas presented the keynote speech on the topic “How to Implement the Needed Change Together as a Team”. 

In the speech Dr. V. Kundrotas relied on the basics of Adizes methodology and explained what should be done in order to make a good decision and what to do to make an efficient implementation of such decision. Also how to manage change effectively and efficiently in any kind of a team. He also presented significant approaches of Adizes methodology, such as Map of Change, Managerial energy for effective decisions making process, the importance of Mutual Trust and Respect and success formula of any organization including academic institutions.

Dr. V. Kundrotas also moderated the panel session on the topic “How to Better Combine Change and Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility” and ensured smooth and meaningful discussions.

Adizes Graduate School

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